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Our History

When We Opened

Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel was opened in 2008 by Ron and Chris Harder, and Jim Beeding, as an answer to the rising costs of funeral and cremation care.  Heritage Oaks is a full service funeral home located in Rocklin CA.

Our Purpose

Our purpose was borne out of the death of Zachary Harder, son of Ron and Chris, and cousin to Jim.  His death in 2006 was due to a tragic drowning accident which propelled the family into the depths of grief.  Having experienced what they refer to as, “the worst day of our lives,” they began to ponder how they could help others who are faced with the daunting task of making final arrangements for their loved one as they coped with the pain of their loss.  How else but to be there to embrace them, as they entered the doors of a funeral home, on “the worst day of their life?”

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to support families with compassionate care as they develop the most personal and meaningful tribute to their loved one.  Our connection with families will continue after the funeral is over by providing grief care.

Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel
6920 Destiny Drive, Rocklin  CA  95677
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Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel
FD 1990
6920 Destiny Drive
Rocklin  CA  95677

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