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How to Order Thumbies

To order your Thumbie product, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the website.
  2. Look through the online catalog of Thumbie products. Be sure to look at their Collections.
  3. When you find the product you want to order, click on the “Create Your Keepsake” button.
  4. Identify your funeral Home:  Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel, 6920 Destiny Drive, Rocklin  CA  95678 USA.
  5. Provide your engraving instructions.
  6. Upload your loved one’s fingerprint. Enter the “Session ID” provided by your Funeral Director.
  7. Finally, review your order, provide payment, and place your order.

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Heritage Oaks Memorial Chapel
FD 1990
6920 Destiny Drive
Rocklin  CA  95677