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Nearly everyone agrees, “Funeral pre-planning is a good idea!”  More Americans are pre-planning their funerals and cremations than ever before.

Pre-planning gives you time to think about what you want and make decisions with a clear mind and purpose. 

In most cases, you can pre-fund your arrangements.  Because we place our pre-funded insurance policies with Homesteaders Life, your family will be protected against inflation by locking in today’s cost.

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Reasons Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Funeral

  • To express your own wishes.  May people find value in planning a funeral that reflects their personality, interests and life’s work. Advance funeral planning ensures that your exact wishes are fulfilled and gives you time to discuss these wishes with your family.
  • Relieve a financial burden.  By funding your pre-arrangement today, your survivors won’t need to bear the financial responsibility. Your life insurance and other assets can remain intact because you can dedicate money specifically for the cost of your funeral.
  • Relieve an emotional burden.  It’s difficult to think about one’s own funeral. But think how difficult these decisions would be while grieving for a loved one. Your advance funeral plan can include every detail from the service to the casket, music, flowers, and more.
  • Funerals provide a time of healing for your family. By planing ahead of time, they can come together to share their loss and appreciate your final farewell.

When you pre-plan with us, you’ll receive a Personal Memorial Planner.

Personal Memorial Planner

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Be Prepared When You Travel

If you enjoy traveling, ask your Pre-Planning Counselor about Return Assured. You don’t have to wonder, “What if something happens to me while I’m on my trip?”  Don’t leave home without Return Assured!

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